Gynecology is the diagnosis and treatment of disorders and diseases of the female reproductive system.

Complete obstetrical and gynecological care, as well as specialized treatment, are available at FHN. We strive to provide the highest caliber healthcare and patient services available to women in our service area.

Ob/Gyns are women's healthcare specialists who do much more than deliver babies. You might visit an Ob/Gyn if you are experiencing problems with menopause, certain infections, incontinence or for fertility or birth control issues in addition to your annual physical and more routine check-ups.

A yearly mammogram is an important part of taking care of your health. FHN offers digital mammography – including testing, consultation and support – at our all-digital Women's Diagnostic Center inside FHN Memorial Hospital in Freeport. If further testing or treatment is needed, that's available at FHN, as well, from stereotactic and ultrasound-guided Mammotome® biopsies to complete cancer care at The Leonard C. Ferguson Cancer Center at FHN Memorial Hospital. We're proud to be the only healthcare organization in the area that offers this kind of comprehensive care focused on you.

For more information on FHN mammography services, read our mammography brochure.

In addition to the Ob/Gyn specialists, many FHN family practice providers also provide gynecological services.

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