Community Health Needs Assessment

As required by Internal Revenue Code, section 501(r) and the Affordable Care Act, FHN Memorial Hospital (FHN) conducted a Community Health Needs Assessment.

FHN is a non-profit healthcare organization serving the greater Freeport region and northwestern Illinois. For the purposes of the Assessment, the FHN service area was defined as Stephenson, JoDaviess, and Carroll Counties since the majority of inpatients and emergency department patients are from this area.

Primary data for the Assessment was collected from surveys sent to community leaders and stakeholders across a broad range of demographics and interests. The surveys measured perspectives on a range of issues that affect the population's health and well-being, such as community resources, barriers to health care providers, and reasons for high rates of disease and mortality. FHN also requested the collection of secondary data on a broad array of health indicators and demographic information from databases created by other agencies or organizations.


Community health needs identified through primary and secondary data collection fall into four prominent categories. The FHN Care Transition Committee (Steering Committee) prioritized these health needs as follows:

  1. Health and Well Being
  2. Chronic Disease Management
  3. Barriers to Healthcare
  4. Poverty/Economic Burden of Disease

As a result of these findings, an action plan has been put into place on how to address these health concerns.

The Reports

For information about FHN's 2016 Community Health Needs Assessment, please review these PDF documents:

Community Health Needs Assessment 2016 – FHN Memorial Hospital
Community Health Needs Assessment 2016 – FHN Memorial Hospital Implementation Strategy

Community Health Needs Assessment
Community Health Needs Assessment

Implementation Strategy
Implementation Strategy