FHN is proud of our DAISY & BEE Award winners!

Every day, every person at FHN strives to provide exceptional, compassionate care to our patients and their loved ones. Now, there's a simple way, as part of an international program, to acknowledge and appreciate a nurse or other caregiver at FHN who makes a difference.

The DAISY (Diseases Attacking the Immune System) Award is an international recognition program for hospitals that honors and celebrates the skillful, compassionate care nurses provide every day.

The DAISY Foundation was established by the family of J. Patrick Barnes after he died from complications of the auto-immune disease ITP (Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura) in 1999. During his hospitalization, his family deeply appreciated the care and compassion shown to Patrick and his entire family. When he died, they felt compelled to say "thank you" to nurses in a very public way: The DAISY Award.

In addition, the BEE (Being Exceptional Everyday) Award honors patient care (non-nurse) staff who assist a nurse or a patient and his or her family in delivering excellent patient care.

Patients or their loved ones are encouraged to share their story with an online nomination. Every few months, a multidisciplinary selection committee of FHN selects the DAISY and BEE Award honorees from those nominations.

DAISY honorees are recognized at a public ceremony in their unit at FHN and receive a certificate, an award pin, and a hand-carved stone sculpture entitled A Healer's Touch. Everyone in the unit celebrates with cinnamon rolls – a favorite of Patrick's during his illness.

BEE honorees are recognized publically on their unit, receive a certificate, and award pin and the unit celebrates with honey-themed treats.

The DAISY and BEE awards are sponsored at FHN by a private FHN Foundation donor and coordinated by the Nursing Care Council.

Meet our recent DAISY & BEE Award winners!

February 2023

Pictured with Juana are Perinatal Educator Keri Schubert and FHN Women's Health Director Linn Carter. FHN Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Nursing Officer Kathryn Martinez presented the award to Juana.

Juana Penaloza, RN

Congratulations to FHN's February DAISY Award winner, Juana Penaloza, RN! "Juana has a shining personality," writes her nominator. "Her compassion and passion are radiant! Every time she entered the room, she was kind, patient, informative, and caring. She went above and beyond for my mother to ensure she was safe and comfortable. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!

February 2023

Pictured with Lilly are (left) Ambulatory Care Team Leader Brandy Quinn, RN and Med/Surg/Peds Nursing Operations Leader Michelle Kelly. FHN Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Nursing Officer Kathryn Martinez presented the award to Lilly.

Lilly Curtiss, CNA

FHN's BEE Award committee couldn't choose a winner between two great stories, but our winner made it very easy - they were both about her! Congratulations, Lilly Curtiss, CNA on the FHN Memorial Hospital Med/Surg service, for making a difference for two families! "Lilly, my CNA, is such a beautiful, calming soul. Thorough and talented, with so much empathy and compassion. She was my dad’s CNA years ago, and is now mine. She is truly good."

"I am truly blessed by the excellent care she provided me. I am so thankful for her compassion and empathy ... Lilly, thank you for taking the time to listen to me. You truly have a servant’s heart."

August 2022

TOP (Pictured left to right): Nursing Operations Leader Med/Surg/Peds Michelle Kelly; FHN Executive VP, COO/CNO Kathryn Martinez; Tori Clark; Supervisor of Clinical Resources Jessica Larson; and Chief Human Resources Officer Len Carter. BOTTOM: Tori with her family.

Tori Clark, RN

After spending the past 7 years in various hospitals and a nursing home, I have developed a keen eye for stellar nursing care. That’s why I know that Tori broke the mold for great nurses. When she enters your room, you can’t help but feel as though you are welcoming a best friend. She keeps up conversation and helps you to feel at ease. When she is giving medication, her expertise shines through.

For me, her excellence became apparent when I needed a new IV put in. I am a VERY tough stick. Tori tried twice, as well as another nurse who was with her. She was very careful and caring when she could not get it; she got someone from the cath lab who needed five tries to start the IV.

Tori again rose to the occasion when it was discovered that I had a suture left over from foot surgery in Chicago. She was able to quickly find someone to remove it and checked in on me to see how I was!

Also, I have never seen a nurse work so well with other members of the team – emptying my catheter, transferring me to the commode, helping clean me up afterward – a true team player!

May 2022

Pictured left to right: FHN President and CEO Mark Gridley, Shawna Cook, Executive VP, COO/CNO Kathryn Martinez, Ashley Fluegel, Sherri Englund and Erika Greenfield.

Shawna Cook, RN

May DAISY Award recipient GI Nurse Navigator Shawna Cook helped a patient with disabilities get the care they needed.

According to her nomination: "The individual is non-verbal and not able to express what they are feeling, even as they dealt with some gastrointestinal issues. They express pain in a more physical manner, and while some people may regard those behaviors as just that – behaviors – Shawna and FHN GI Nurse Practitioner Steve Harweger went above and beyond to help them get the full care they need and deserve.
After nearly 3 months of diagnostic testing, battling with insurance and other obstacles, Shawna and Steve were able to assist the patient in getting approved for the medication. Their compassion and determination will truly make a tremendous impact on the patient’s quality of life!

Pictured left to right: Sherri Englund, Brandy Quinn, Kimberly Roepsch, Executive VP, COO/CNO Kathryn Martinez, Nicole Kass, FHN President and CEO Mark Gridley, and Megan Kerchner.

Nicole Kass

FHN Orthopaedic Patient Service Representative Nicole Kass got quite a surprise on her birthday - she received FHN's May BEE Award!

Nicole's nominator was referred to FHN Podiatry for follow-up care after a Friday afternoon visit to FHN/Physicians Immediate Care for an infected foot. Nicole assisted the podiatry team with taking notes for the podiatrist and promised a call-back on Monday.
"When I showed up for that appointment, Nicole remembered me by name and asked how I was feeling. She checked me in for my appointment, as there wasn’t a podiatry PSR available to check me in. She did a great job and was very polite! I spoke to another person at Burchard Hills that day about what a good job Nicole does, and she said other patients have commented on her good work and personality, and since she has started working there, the office was a more friendly and pleasant place!"

March 2022

Pictured left to right: ) Director of Emergency Services Tonya Pennington; Nursing Operations Leader Michelle Walker; Executive VP, COO/CNO Kathryn Martinez; Leslie Hardin; and FHN President and CEO Mark Gridley.

Leslie Hardin, RN

Congratulations to FHN’s March DAISY Award recipient, Leslie Hardin, RN! Leslie was part of the team who took excellent care of a very stressed mom dealing with breathing issues in the FHN Memorial Hospital Emergency Department while her husband was being released from care by the FHN Heart Team.

The patient had praise for every member of the team, but Leslie stood out: “Leslie, you impressed me and I want to say thank you. Boy, are you in the right field! You clearly have a love for your patients and nursing. … You gave me hope. What an admirable attribute, to be able to give a sick and scared patient hope! I want you to know how amazing that effect was and how transformative it was to my improvement. … Leslie, I’ll always remember your strength, kindness and stellar nursing care.”

Pictured left to right: are FHN President and CEO Mark Gridley; Katherine Schoonhoven, CMA, Acute Respiratory Center; Brandi Quinn, RN, Nursing Care Council Chair, and FHN Executive VP, COO/CNO Kathryn Martinez.

Katherine Schoonhoven, CNA

Congratulations to FHN's March 2022 BEE winner, Certified Medical Assistant Katherine Schoonhoven, who made what seemed like a scary situation much better for a local family!

Her nominator writes: "I was at your COVID-19 testing tent with my 3 children. My kids were very scared and were asking all kinds of questions, and she took the time to answer all their questions. I want her to be recognized because the way she explained everything, my children felt more at ease with her and when we were done, I looked behind us and there were 3 cars lined up. Even though there were others waiting, she still made time to alleviate their concerns. She gets an A+ from this family. During these trying times, it's nice to see that people still do care. Thank you, thank you, Kathy, you deserve an award!"

Past FHN DAISY Recipients
December 2021: Megan M. Loomis
August 2021: September Chezem
May 2021: Kay Schlichting
February 2021: Tina Lingle
November 2020: Shayna Vanderheyden
August 2020: Lydia Sweitzer
May 2020: Kathy Martinez - Lifetime Achievment Award
May 2020: Stacey Winter
February 2020: Kelley Hartman
November 2019: Makenzie Brown
August 2019: Crystal Winters
May 2019: Jillane Toelke
February 2019: Victoria Goetz
November 2018: Amanda Kempel
August 2018: Teresa Muggler

Past FHN BEE Recipients
December 2021: Amanda McIntosh
August 2021: Roxanne Hare
May 2021: Arica Watts
February 2021: Lilly Curtiss
November 2020: Sharon Stradtmann
August 2020: Debbie Schopf
May 2020: Lilly Curtiss
February 2020: Wendy Pickard
November 2019: Nicole McFadden
August 2019: Alexis Poffenberger
May 2019: Roxanne Hare
February 2019: Sue Alden
November 2018: Mary Freidag
August 2018: Mary Freidag