In Their Own Words

The physicians and staff of FHN affect the lives of so many, by providing expert care from diagnosis to recovery. Here are some of our patients' stories.

Larry Feiner "My Heart Was In the Right Place"
Larry Feiner was sitting at his desk at Midwest Bank, working on the computer like any standard workday. But when a sharp, numbing pain radiated across his chest two days in a row, he knew it was anything but normal. Read More.

Catherine Banks Happy for the ER "Just Down the Street"
Two decades ago, Catherine Banks had a scary long-term episode with hives that was never fully resolved. After that incident, her doctor told her to hurry to the emergency room if she ever experienced swelling of the tongue or difficulty breathing. Twenty years later, she recalled his advice... Read More.

FHN Hospice Care Helps Stitch Together Final Memories
Soon after Dorothy Ellinor entered FHN’s hospice program, her daughter, Diane Dietmeier, found 20 embroidered quilt squares in her mother's linen closet. Dorothy had always wanted to make a quilt with them, but hadn't quite gotten to it. Pragmatists at heart, the two looked at each other and said, "We better get going." Read More.

Introducing Porter's top-notch tonsil team
Porter Krolow had a typical childhood ailment. Trouble was, he didn't know it. Come to find out, he needed surgery. Read More.

She walked in...and danced out
Tyoni Martin hadn't had a mammogram in nine years, since she moved to Lake Summerset from California. FHN's convenient Walk-in-Wednesday program prompted her to finally get tested...and she is happy she did. Read More.

Putting miles on my Model A...
Jerry Gill fought head and neck cancer for six years before coming to The Center for Wound Healing at FHN. Because the cancer was of unknown origin, he needed broad radiation. This procedure caused significant side effects, including stubborn infections that simply were not healing. Read More.

FHN was her lifesaver
She usually has a lot of energy. But three years ago around Labor Day, Pat Willging was exhausted. "Just beat," she said, "and out of it after putting in my shift at CONTACT. I sat for hours. When I got up, I collapsed in a heap. It was the start of quite an ordeal." Read More.

FHN and Lily...well worth the travel time.
It's not exactly the Oregon Trail, but it can be a long ride when you are expecting. Yet Jessica Engle and her husband, Brian, didn’t hesitate to make the trek to Freeport when they found out they were having a third child. Even though they had multiple options, they chose FHN and Courtney DanPullo, MD...and are happy they did. Read More.

Shoulder surgery is a weighty issue. At FHN, we help lighten the load.
Jeff Lyrenmann is an award-winning competitor and tenacious trainer. The owner of IPF Training in Freeport makes his living helping people maximize their fitness and meet their CrossFit goals. So when he heard a loud "pop" in his right shoulder in August 2013, he knew it could be a serious injury — one that could impact his livelihood and his passion. Read More.

A star is born...with the help of FHN's OB team.
When Vivienne Yvonne Marten made her debut six weeks early, she made it very clear she was ready for primetime. Though premature, she was healthy overall and a big hit with her mommy and daddy. With a few days' time amid the skillful care of FHN's OB team, the 'tiny but terrific' infant was able to avoid a trip to Rockford and stay close to home. Read More.

You don't have to be a pro-athlete to get surgery from a pro.
Bailey Englund is a determined competitor on the court. A multi-sport athlete, she played basketball and volleyball at Pecatonica High School. As a result, Bailey endured knee injuries that required the same ACL reconstructive surgery received by professional athletes Derrick Rose and Adrian Peterson. Bailey had hers at FHN. Read More.

"Bleachers? No problem... now that my knees are 'new'!"
Years spent on her feet took their toll on Darlene Baldauf. As a nurse, she stood for hours taking care of others. When she retired, Darlene finally decided to take care of herself... and her aching knees. Read More.

"I count my blessings every day: my family, my friends, my farm and FHN"
When Karen Bremmer found out she had breast cancer, she immediately turned to friends and family for support. Then she rolled up her sleeves and said, "Let's get going. My whole attitude was, 'OK, I have this, I need to move forward, be positive and take action right away.' Read More.

Bringing a whole new level of intensive care and comfort
Introducing the region's first eICU

"No one wants to be sick. But in hindsight, it really was quite a phenomenal experience," shares Angie Heidenreich, a recent patient in FHN's eICU®, which links the Freeport unit with a UW Health e-Care of Wisconsin team. Read More.

"I just wasn't feeling right. But I didn't want to make a big deal out of nothing."
Personally, I am grateful for the security I get from knowing FHN is right here when I need help. If it wasn't for the professional and insightful care I received in the FHN Emergency Room, I might not be here. Read More.

A happy birth day for the Krolows
When Phil and Amy Krolow found out they were expecting their second child, they wanted the same medical care they appreciated the first time around... at FHN. Read More.

Diabetes Education: Nutritional Management
Ronnie had attended classes with Certified Diabetic Educator Nicolette Drane years ago, but needed a refresher. "I knew I was tempting fate by not eating right." Read More.

Diabetes Education: Gestational Diabetes
"I learned I could have a healthy delivery with diligent attention to my blood sugar levels. I followed portion control guidelines, ate wisely, and became confident giving myself insulin." Read More.

Diabetes Education: Through the Years
"The FHN Basics Program really works. I look forward to my meetings and I'm so impressed by Nicolette's knowledge. And the best thing? She is only a phone call away." Read More.

Diabetes Education: Insulin Pump Therapy
"After taking this one class and adjusting my insulin levels accordingly, my blood sugar control became much better... in fact, my numbers were the best I have ever had. The FHN diabetes educators know their stuff!" Read More.

Battling cancer on my bicycle
Dave Fonda is probably not your typical cancer patient. After all, not everyone cycles 160 miles in a weekend after finding out they have stage-four melanoma. "I really appreciate how well FHN and Mayo worked together on my behalf." Read More.