The Women's Diagnostic Center
at FHN Memorial Hospital

The FHN Women's Diagnostic Center inside FHN Memorial Hospital in Freeport offers digital breast tomosynthesis (3D mammography) - and much more. We offer testing, consultation, and support all in one location, as well as state-of-the-art cancer treatment close to home at the FHN Leonard C. Ferguson Center located on Stephenson Street, right next to FHN Memorial Hospital in Freeport.

If a woman needs to undergo further testing after a routine mammogram, she will work with our Breast Health Nurse Navigator who serves as an advocate and educator, coordinating testing and care and helping to support the patient and her loved ones. The Breast Health Nurse Navigator also serves as the point person for the patient's healthcare team, coordinating the recommendations of numerous specialists to help the patient make the best, most informed choices about her care.


Screening mammograms are recommended beginning at age 40 for women who are at an average risk for breast cancer. Women who believe they are at an increased risk should speak with their healthcare provider to discuss recommendations. A screening mammogram is done on patients with no breast symptoms.

All screening mammograms done at FHN utilize digital 3D mammography, which was designed to increase early detection of breast cancer and provide more detail for the radiologist than was previously possible.

While mammography remains the gold standard for breast cancer detection, screening ultrasound can be used as a supplemental screening exam and may be recommended based on your breast density.

Ultrasound is an imaging test that sends sound waves through your breast tissue and converts them into images. There is no radiation involved. Screening ultrasound cannot be used as a standalone screening tool for breast cancer detection.

Diagnostic Breast Imaging

Diagnostic mammograms are done for patients with a clinical breast symptom, such as a lump, or for patients who are "called back" after a screening mammogram. Breast ultrasound may also be recommended with diagnostic mammography to thoroughly evaluate the symptom or mammographic finding.

Breast MRI

Breast MRI can be used as an additional tool in screening patients at high risk for breast cancer or for evaluating abnormalities.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) uses high-powered magnets to produce detailed images. There is no radiation involved with MRI. As with ultrasound, Breast MRI cannot be used as a standalone tool for breast cancer detection.

Imaging Guided Biopsies

A biopsy may be recommended by a radiologist if your diagnostic breast imaging reveals suspicious findings.

The FHN Women's Diagnostic Center offers minimally invasive Mammotome biopsy.

This can be done under the guidance of mammogram or ultrasound, depending on the recommendation from the radiologist. An image guided biopsy is an outpatient procedure performed by one of our trained radiologists. It involves local anesthesia before removing a small sample of breast tissue for testing.

Digital Bone Densitometry

Digital bone densitometry lets us measure the density of a patient's bones to assess his or her risk of developing osteoporosis. Our bones change as we age, so digital densitometry equipment helps us keep track of each patient's bone health.

Comfortable Care

The Women's Diagnostic Center was designed with the comfort and privacy of our patients in mind. Comfortable shawls, cozy rooms for changing and testing along with private hallways combine to create a serene, home-like atmosphere.

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