In Their Own Words

Welcoming Henry – Kellermanns Select FHN for Second Pregnancy

The in-clinic team at FHN Women’s Health provided Samantha with excellent care before Henry was born. She saw three Ob providers during her pre-natal visits: Sara Smith, Ob/Gyn nurse practitioner; Danielle Siedschlag, Ob/Gyn nurse practitioner; and Lee Sesslar, Ob/Gyn doctor.

When Samantha Kellermann of Lanark discovered she was pregnant with her second child, she knew she could count on FHN for her prenatal care, labor, and delivery. She and her husband, Josh, welcomed their daughter, Harper, at FHN’s Birthing Center more than two years ago, and despite some challenges along the way, were happy with the care they received during and after pregnancy.

Sam’s first trimester went off without a hitch, despite some bouts with nausea early on. She saw three OB providers during her prenatal visits: Dr. Lee Sesslar, MD, FACOG, and nurse practitioners Danielle Siedschlag, WHNP-BC, and Sara Smith, WHNP-BC. All of them provided excellent care, according to Sam.

Early Pregnancy was Smooth Sailing Despite Potential Red Flag

“I was lucky to have pretty smooth sailing and my care was always professional and compassionate,” she explains. “Because my daughter was born with shoulder dystocia (her clavicle broke as she was moving down the birth canal), they recommended we have growth ultrasounds at 32 and 36 weeks to see if the new baby might be at additional risk. Those tests measured the baby’s development and helped us be prepared should we need to go the C-section route.”

Although the tests showed growth rates within the norm and Sam was originally planning a vaginal birth, she and her husband ultimately decided a C-section was the best option for them and their baby.

“Danielle gave us a comprehensive overview of the Cesarean section process and how it would work. We knew just what to expect,” shares Sam. They scheduled a time for the baby’s arrival, but her new son determined that date was too late – Sam went into labor just shy of 38 weeks.

Henry Arrives Early

“We were a little surprised, but knew the baby was far enough along that it wasn’t too stressful,” explains Samantha. “Dr. (Keith) Martin was our laborist for the delivery. He had provided prenatal and postnatal care for Harper, so we were comfortable with him and knew he would be great. The end of my pregnancy experience proved to be just as it had started – with nausea – so some meds were provided to help me feel better. After spinal anesthetic, the actual Cesarean surgery went really fast and we were thrilled to welcome our son, Henry, on August 2nd!”

After Henry’s birth, FHN’s nursing staff took good care of the new arrival – and Sam, too.

Follow-up Care Helps Henry Grow

Now, Henry is “growing like a weed” according to his mom, who had great success breastfeeding during Henry’s first month.

Lactation consultant and RN Kim Honan, IBCLC, “made sure Henry was latching on correctly, since I wasn’t sure he was getting enough milk,” explains Sam. “Her guidance and assurance helped put my mind at ease, and Henry clearly got good nutrition – he had gained plenty of weight at his checkup!”

With her incision completely healed and Henry thriving, the Kellermanns couldn’t be happier with their recent birth experience at FHN. “The doctors and nurses are great. Everything went well and we are content!” exclaims Samantha. “I would recommend FHN to anyone looking for OB care.”