'I promised the kids I would come back with healthy legs. Thanks to FHN and the Lord's blessing, I have kept my word.'

Valerie Schubert's "normal" day doing missionary work in Honduras includes lots of walking. From inner-city streets to the hills and mountains of rural villages, she and her husband cover many miles a day serving hundreds of at-risk children through their foundation, Casa de Luz (House of Light).

But last year, Valerie’s typical day turned into a painful experience that required frequent stops to rest her heavy, throbbing legs. She dealt with swelling and excruciating pain if a small child or rickety fence bumped into her raised varicose veins, which limited her mobility and prevented her from reaching many people in dire need.

After Honduran doctors suggested traditional treatments, she tried blood thinners and compression stockings but eventually turned to FHN for more innovative solutions during a trip home from Central America.

A Simple Test

"Walking is crucial to my success," asserts Val. "When I shared I was having problems with tender, tired, swollen legs and superficial blood clots, a friend suggested I make an appointment with FHN's Vein Center for when I was back in Freeport for a planned visit. My family physician, Dr. Lawrence Luy, endorsed that decision. I am so happy I decided to take action."