Why choose FHN Hospice?

You have a choice! Here's why you should choose FHN Hospice to care for you.

You matter: Your situation is unique. We tailor our care to you and your family's needs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our team believes that our time with you is special.

Commitment matters: FHN Hospice has been serving Northwest Illinois for over 22 years – longer than any other Medicare-certified hospice in our area. FHN Hospice is not-for-profit and serves the 5 counties of Stephenson, Carroll, JoDaviess, Ogle and Winnebago.

Experience matters: Our staff – both medical and administrative – has many years of experience working with hospice patients. Our years of specialized experience enable us to care for you and your family better in all of the varied situations that may arise. What we learn from the patients and families while providing them care, enables us to continue serving others in the community. Each family teaches us something that makes us better.

Training matters: After meeting all of the education and training requirements for providing hospice care, our professional staff continues to obtain additional training that helps us provide the best care for you. Many of our nurses have advanced certification in pain resource management, and in hospice and palliative care nursing. In addition, the rest our team – our certified nursing assistants, social workers, chaplain, and volunteers – are continually updating their skills and knowledge with the latest information available in end-of-life care, palliative care and pain management.

Innovation matters: FHN Hospice is constantly pursuing new ideas to increase the comfort and enjoyment of life for our patients:

We have introduced a music program which includes visits to you and your families by musicians and singers. These wonderful trained volunteers engage you in music that is meaningful to you, and which helps you relax and and enjoy memories from when you were younger.

We have initiated "Comfort Touch" training available to all our of staff and volunteers to help you be less anxious, relax and feel less pain.

We have recently enhanced our program to honor our Veteran patients by conducting a ceremony to recognize your service and to let you know that you are appreciated.

In 2016, staff and volunteers expanded our already extensive bereavement program by adding groups for recently bereaved families, art programs and groups to help those who are dealing with cooking for one for the first time, or even cooking for the first time. In addition, volunteers have received their certification, which has enabled us to enhance our programming dramatically.

Not-for-profit matters: FHN Hospice exists solely to fulfill its mission of providing the best care possible to you and your family. Our decisions are based on what our patients and families need – not our bottom line. Donations to FHN Hospice are used to enhance our programming and education – to help other families in the communities we serve.

You can call FHN Hospice anytime at 815-599-7240. We truly appreciate your interest and feel it is important to educate everyone about hospice care before it is needed. We are happy to answer your questions.

Deciding between hospices is really choosing the hospice with a personal touch that is right for you! We believe we are that hospice.

Here are some comments from families that chose FHN Hospice

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