Can you afford this?

Yes. Patients and families can be confident that payment and insurance issues will not create additional stress when you are admitted to FHN Hospice. We do everything possible to eliminate paperwork and confusion so that you and your family can focus on other, more important issues. Though everything will be fully explained at the time of admission, the following basic questions are usually asked by patients and families before entering our program:

Is hospice covered by insurance?

Yes. Medicare, Medicaid and Veterans benefits cover the full cost of hospice care. Most private insurance plans also cover hospice care—the reimbursements vary by plan. In addition, since we are a department of FHN and because of generous support from our community and families, no patient is ever turned away because of an inability to pay.

Is financial assistance available to those who may need it?

Yes, see our financial assistance for healthcare section.

What care and services are usually covered?

Typically covered is everything required to care for a patient's terminal illness, including regular home visits, medications, supplies, and medical equipment.

What happens if you are in a nursing home?

When nursing home residents choose FHN Hospice to provide their care, we partner with the staff at the nursing home to coordinate all of your medical care and provide all of the services and equipment needed to manage your terminal illness. While Medicare and most insurance plans cover part of your care, you will continue to be responsible for the nursing home's daily room and board fee. (If you are on Medicaid, the room and board charge will continue to be covered by Medicaid).

How can you receive more information about the costs and coverages for hospice care?

FHN Hospice can help: call us at 815-599-7240.