Eye Care Services

Opthalmology is the diagnosis and medical or surgical treatment of diseases and disorders of the eye.

Optical (the practice of repairing, fitting and ordering prescription glasses) and ophthalmology services, including cataract surgery, are available at FHN.

Cataract Care

No one should have to suffer with poor vision because of a cataract. Restoring vision impaired by cataracts is relatively simple. FHN ophthalmologists use techniques that make cataract removal and lens replacement one of the safest and most successful surgeries performed. It is quick, causes little discomfort and often restores eyesight within minutes.

Cataract formation, the clouding of the normally clear and transparent crystalline lens of the eye, is a leading cause of blindness throughout the world. Cataracts may develop at any age, although it is most commonly seen in the elderly, and strikes all strata of society. Currently, corrective surgery is the only treatment.. At FHN, cataract surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure. Recovery is easy, allowing you to return to most normal activities with just a few restrictions. Read more about cataracts in our "Gift of Sight" brochure.

If you have concerns about your vision, contact FHN Ophthalmology and Eye Care Services.

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The following providers are associated with eye care services:
Hanny Isawi MD