A New Approach to Hip Replacement

Hana Table

We all ask a lot of our hip joints – they move you around from your first steps as a toddler to playing tag and riding bikes as a youngster to walking, dancing, running and generally enjoying life as an adult.

All of that use can lead to wear on your hip joints.

The hip is a ball-and-socket joint that allows for a wide range of motion, but the cartilage that cushions your hip joint can wear away, leaving you with pain and limiting your range of motion – and your enjoyment of life.

Hip replacement surgery has a great success rate, but recovery could be long and painful.

With traditional hip replacement surgery, you could expect to stay in the hospital for 2 nights, go through 6 weeks of physical therapy, and you had a lot of restrictions on your movement: No bending over, crossing your legs or twisting your torso while standing up for as much as 6 weeks, too.

Last year, FHN installed a special surgical table that gives our orthopaedic surgeons better access during hip replacement surgeries. That Hana® table, and the direct anterior hip replacement procedure it makes possible, is making a big difference for our patients.

With our new approach, we don't have to cut muscles off the bone and reattach them, which reduces the risk of dislocation after surgery. That means fewer restrictions on movement and faster recovery time, and less post-surgical pain.

Most of our patients go home the day after surgery, and it's not unusual for patients to be up and standing – and feeling better – the same day as their surgery.

And instead of 6 weeks of physical therapy, most patients need to work with our physical therapy team for just 3 weeks.

"It's really rewarding to check in on my patients the same day after hip replacement surgery and hear them say, 'I'm already feeling better!'" says FHN Orthopaedic Surgeon Greg Dammann, MD.

The new table also allows us to perform each procedure using an x-ray machine to make sure the placement of the new joint is correct, one of the keys to a successful recovery.

Our direct anterior approach for hip replacement doesn't cost any more than a traditional hip replacement, and it's covered by Medicare. In fact, with a shorter hospital stay, less recovery time and need for expensive pain medications, it can even cost less.

You can travel to Madison or Rockford for this surgery, but we are really proud to be able to help you right here, close to home. If you're having hip pain or your healthcare provider has suggested hip replacement, give us a call at 815-599-7730.