Parent Enrichment Program

The Parent Enrichment Program (PEP) is a partnership with parents designed to give their children the best possible start. Our services are free and available to eligible families prenatally and with children up to age 5 in Stephenson and JoDaviess counties.

As part of our program, we address parenting questions and concerns on a variety of topics such as discipline, nutrition, child development and more. We also provide parents with opportunities to join other families in a social setting. We are here to support you while you are doing your most important job - being a mom or dad!

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We offer:

  • Child development information and activities brought to the home by a trained professional. During these scheduled visits, the parent educator provides the parent with information on child development and answers any questions the parent may have. Parent Educators can help families connect to resources in the community. Age-appropriate parent/child activities are also provided at each visit.
  • Early learning check-ups during home visits or by appointment. Learning checkups are conducted for children 3-36 months old in order to increase parents' understanding of their child's development and identify strengths and abilities as well as any areas of concern.
  • Free car seat safety checks by certified car seat technicians. The technicians check that your child's car seat is properly installed according to the latest updates and recalls.
  • Certified lactation counseling. Learn the importance of breastfeeding with continuing support along the way.
  • Infant Massage instruction. Our certified infant massage instructors are available to discuss with parents the benefits of infant massage and to demonstrate the proper massage techniques on the infant. Classes are offered throughout the year.
  • Group Connections - families enrolled in the PEP may participate in playgroups. Playgroups are a time for parents to play and learn with their children in a safe environment while providing an opportunity for your child to make new friends and learn to play with others.
  • Family and School Supportive Intervention Services. For eligible families with children between the ages of 3-5, this service is designed to provide parental support and education to parents with children displaying challenging behaviors at home or at school (not following directions, aggression, difficulty with transitions, temper tantrums, other behaviors that concern you).

Children are born learners. They learn the most from the people they love - their parents. The belief of the Parent Enrichment Program is that parents are the experts on their children and deserve support in their parenting role during their child's early years. Our program is designed to assist you as your child's first and most important teacher and to help promote a strong and healthy parent-child relationship.

If you'd like to learn more about our program, schedule a home visit with one of our trained professionals, or to find out if you are eligible for our program, please contact us at 815-599-7300.