Parent Education Program

How can I benefit from having a parent educator to come to my home?

Children come into this world ready for love and learning. You are your child’s first and most influential teacher. Since your baby was not born with directions, a home visitor informs, supports and encourages parents like you in this important new role.

What happens at a home visit?

Your home visitor will partner with you during this transitional time and provide you with some helpful tips and personalize information to fit with your family’s needs, concerns and hopes. Together, you will discuss goals for you and your child, and build on your strengths and skills. Your parent educator will bring activities for you and your child to share and will help connect behaviors and actions to what is happening with your child’s development.


What can I expect in a therapy session?

Therapy is different than talking to a supportive friend, religious leader, or family members. Although there is a place for “venting” or seeking advice, therapy is a process that requires time, investment and work to produce changes and achieve goals. There are many different methods and activities that can be used during therapy. Your therapist will choose one that will best help and challenge you.

How often will I be seen?

You and your therapist will work together, based on your assessment and diagnosis, to develop a treatment plan. A suggested number/length of treatment for most of our clients to receive benefit is typically from 8 - 24 sessions. Your insurance may also have a certain number of sessions that are covered. Our staff will work with you to determine the number of sessions.

When do I get to see the psychiatrist?

During your first few sessions, a therapist will complete your Mental Health Assessment (MHA) and Individualized Treatment Plan (ITP). The MHA and ITP are necessary to determine if a referral to the psychiatrist is appropriate. This determination usually is made after 2 to 4 sessions with the therapist.

What should I do if I need to see someone right away?

If you are in crisis and need to see someone immediately, you can walk in at one of our locations during normal business hours. After hours, you can call the CONTACT help line (815-233-4357) or go to the Emergency Room.