In Her Own Words

"Bleachers? No problem... now that my knees are 'new'!"

Years spent on her feet took their toll on Darlene Baldauf. As a nurse, she stood for hours taking care of others. When retirement came, Darlene finally decided to take care of herself…and her aching knees.

The pain started gradually, but became relentless. According to Darlene, "Day-to-day activities became a chore. It really hurt to climb the bleachers to watch my grandchildren play sports and race cars. When OTC medications stopped working and the pain became a real burden, I decided to call FHN."

Darlene had heard great things about FHN’s orthopaedics physicians, who provided a thorough examination and the bitter truth: both knees needed total replacement. Darlene decided to have just one done first. It was a huge success. Four years later she had the other knee repaired. And she couldn’t be happier she did.

"My medical team was fabulous," she enthuses. "They prepared me very well for what was to come and were kind, gentle, and thorough when answering my questions. And the folks in physical therapy were absolutely wonderful, too. I am happy to be pain free and able to get around so much better. Now I can climb to the top of the bleachers if that's where I get the best view of my grandkids!"

Darlene thinks her new knees are the bee’s knees. If you're ready to be pain-free too, consult with FHN Orthopaedic specialists at 1-877-6000-FHN (1-877-600-0346) ext. And climb to your destination.

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