Crisis Stabilization Center Provides Vital New Resource for Those in Mental Health Emergencies

What was previously a promising plan is now a tangible reality: FHN’s Dr. Ravi and Mrs. Minu Vyas Crisis Stabilization Center at FHN Family Counseling Center is complete. The center will begin operating soon.

This new community resource will provide therapeutic care for individuals in crisis. Some of the conditions that make people turn to a crisis center for help include:
• Extreme anxiety
• Uncontrollable anger
• Depression and despair
• Suicidal thoughts
...and many more.

Patients can relax in a living-room-type environment while they are waiting to be evaluated, which studies indicate is better for treating behavioral health conditions than a typical emergency room or law enforcement facility – often loud, bright, and stressful by nature. Anything that decreases chaos is less likely to aggravate what can already be a very delicate situation. The center’s open floor plan will allow Crisis Stabilization Center (CSC) staff to monitor patients in a homelike arrangement where they can read, watch TV, sleep, or talk. A multi-disciplinary team, which includes a psychiatric provider, nurses, mental health counselors, and others, will focus on helping each patient manage in the short term. The average anticipated stay is three days, but patients can stay longer if needed.

In the long term, FHN’s counseling staff can assist patients and their families in developing a plan that identifies coping strategies, introduces medications, if recommended, and creates stability where it is so badly needed. Staff at the CSC will work closely with their patients’ existing support systems, which strengthens the continuum of care.

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