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Our program has finished for the year. We will be validating our information and announcing the winners soon. To all who participated - Thank You! We hope you had a fun and healthy summer.

Find out this year's winners in our News section.

Check out the final standings.

Miles are normalized to help ensure a more level playing field for schools of all sizes. First prize for each category is $2000, second prize is $1000, and third prize is $500!

This year, we've added family activities. If an adult and at least one child participate in one of these activities, your school will earn double points!

In addition to double points, a prize of $500 will be awarded the school with the most Family Activity points! So get your kids out there!

Watch the FHN Miles And Minutes Facebook page for chances to get your school points in a prize drawing at the end of the summer!

Every time you enter a contest on the FHN Miles And Minutes Facebook page this summer, your school gets one point in the Sweepstakes competition, and one chance at a prize. Winning a contest gets your school even more points, and more chances at a prize.

At the end of the summer, we'll draw three winners at random from all the Sweepstakes entries!

Winners in the Sweepstakes category will receive:

  • First prize: $500
  • Second prize: $400
  • Third prize: $300

Just to make it fun for everyone, prize winners in the regular categories (school system with the most average "miles" logged per participant and school system with the most "miles" total) won't be eligible for Sweepstakes or Family Activity prizes. But remember, we won't know who the regular category winners are until September!

Prize money for all of the categories will be awarded in September.

Encourage Competition for Your School System!

FHN Miles and Minutes will be promoted throughout the region through advertising and other FHN marketing methods. We hope you will also encourage students, their families, and friends in the school system of your choice to help earn miles while they get some healthy exercise! You could set up your own competitive teams, get together for group walks, develop your own prize system to honor weekly winners, promote your progress via Facebook, or think of dozens of other ways to encourage and recognize participation.

This program is intended for those age 12 and over. It may not be appropriate for individuals who have heart rhythm irregularities or are recent surgical patients, for women who are pregnant, or for others with health conditions. If you have questions or concerns, check with your healthcare provider before beginning an activity regimen.