Audiology is the diagnosis and treatment of hearing disorders.

The FHN Audiology department provides quality hearing screenings and diagnosis. They offer the latest in audiology technology to provide a better listening experience by incorporating state-of-the-art hearing technology in affordable, mid-priced instruments. This advanced technology constantly adjusts the hearing aid to the most appropriate settings at all times, automatically. No need to fuss with tiny buttons or switches. Good hearing becomes effortless, as it should be.

Read about hearing disorders and deafness at MedLine Plus.

Hearing Aid Battery Club: When you purchase 10 hearing aid battery packages through the FHN Audiology department, the 11th package is free! It is not necessary to be an FHN Audiology patient to participate. If you are interested in participating, contact the FHN Audiology department at 815-599-7770.

The following providers are associated with audiology:
Anneliese Hartman AuD