Sports Medicine

Sports can be a lot of fun, but it's also important to participate safely. The Sports Medicine staff at FHN offers a variety of programs and types of training to keep sports performance at its peak. The FHN Sports Medicine team includes specialty physicians and surgeons, athletic trainers, physical therapists, coaches, and other personnel.

Sports Injury Reduction: FHN athletic trainers are experienced at using the techniques of the scientifically proven SportsDNA (Dynamic Neuromuscular Analysis) training program.

Sport-Specific Training for individual athletes: This program includes a health screening for previous injuries, a training status assessment and education on proper exercise techniques and body mechanics. A sport-specific exercise program is developed to match each athlete and his or her sport. The program also includes basic nutritional education.

Individual Personalized Training: After an assessment for injuries, the trainer works with the athlete to develop a personalized training program, including education on proper exercise technique and body mechanics and basic nutritional education.

In addition, FHN offers a Sports Medicine Injury Clinic during the regular fall sports season (football and volleyball). At the Saturday Walk-in Sports Injury Clinic, individuals are eligible for a free sports injury evaluation if they have a fitness-related injury. For more information about the Sports Injury Clinics, please refer to Community Services.

Sports Physical Forms

Please download the FHN Consent for Medical Care form, along with either the IHSA sports physical form or the WIAA sports physical form.

Fill out the IHSA form or WIAA form with your student's information before you go to the physical.

Fill out the Consent for Medical Care form in full if you will not be able to accompany your child to his or her sports physical (it is not needed if you will be present at the physical).

Read about fitness and exercise at MedLine Plus.

The following providers are associated with sports medicine:
Greg Dammann MD
Kevin Draxinger MD