Emergency Services

The Emergency Department at FHN Memorial Hospital in Freeport offers 24-hour emergency medical care. The Emergency Department staff utilizes triage in treating patients – those with the most serious acute cases are treated first, followed by others in accordance with the severity of their illness or injury. Top priority is given to individuals in a life-threatening situation, such as cardiac arrest, respiratory distress, unstable vital signs or severe injury. Also taking precedence are urgent conditions which are not immediately life-threatening, such as chest pain, a severe allergic reaction, or a stabilized serious injury. Patients may also be triaged into Convenient Care, a special service within the Emergency Department which is dedicated to treating minor injuries and illnesses.

The FHN Emergency Department also is equipped with a helipad, where transport helicopters can land and take off.

Is My Condition an Emergency?

Coming to the Emergency Department for non-emergency situations (such as a urinary tract infection, sore throat or earache) may result in a long waiting time. FHN has other care options available for illnesses and injuries that need treatment, but aren't an emergency.

Patient Services Options

The chart below shows visit options for both non-life-threatening circumstances and more serious situations. All of these are entry points that can lead to additional appointments with FHN Specialty Care providers if needed.

Patient Services Options
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The right care at the right time. Review your health care service options in our Patient and Visitor Guide.

Emergency Preparedness Team

The FHN emergency preparedness team works regularly with such agencies as the Freeport Fire Department; Freeport Police Department; Stephenson County Health Department; Stephenson County Sherriff's Department; Stephenson County Emergency Management Agency; Stephenson County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC); area fire and ambulance services; and the Illinois Department of Public Health. > Learn more about the FHN Emergency Preparedness team.

Finding the right providers for you and your family is an important step in ensuring your best health. If you need help finding a provider, please call us at 1-877-6000-FHN, 1-877-600-0346 ext 965, or you can download the FHN Location/Provider Directory.

Many of our specialty care offices require a referral from primary care for your initial visit, so if you're already an FHN patient, you may need to contact your primary care provider for more information. If you're new to FHN, or don't have a primary care provider, call the number above and you'll have a primary care appointment before you hang up the phone!* Thank you for choosing FHN!

*Restrictions or requirements of health insurance carriers may apply; eligibility will be confirmed during our conversation with you.