Chiropractic healthcare is based on the relationship between the spinal column and nervous system.

The FHN Spine Center, located at the FHN Family Healthcare Center - Burchard Hills, uses a unique integrated and multidisciplinary team approach for the assessment and treatment of the spine (neck, mid, and low back) and its associated symptoms. The team includes highly skilled local and area specialists, including an occupational medicine physician, a chiropractic orthopaedist, a physical therapist, a nationally-certified massage therapist, a pain interventionist and acupuncturists. The center is open to referrals from other providers or from patients who contact the FHN Spine Center directly.

FHN offers a non-surgical approach for the treatment of back pain. With the help of a Cox Flexion Distraction table, our highly qualified chiropractors can treat pain with pressure and manipulation of the spine. While the Flexion Distraction Table takes the pressure off and gently moves the patient's spine, the chiropractor can isolate and treat the source of the pain.

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The following providers are associated with chiropractic:
Jeffrey Hass DC, Cert. MDT, DOT Physicals