FHN Experts Talk About Vaccine Development

October 12, 2020 – FHN President and CEO Mark Gridley, MBA, FACHE and Chief Infectious Disease Physician and Medical Staff President Robert Geller, MD, MS, FACP, FIDSA talk about vaccine development and efficacy in the latest FHN COVID-19 update video.

“If you can't be 100 percent sure that an illness you may get won't be serious,” Dr. Geller said, “It's better to get a vaccine that might make you feel tired for a few days.” Both Geller and Gridley are certain that a COVID-19 vaccine will be available next year.

In the meantime, they urge everyone to protect themselves and their loved ones from influenza by getting a flu shot. Taking care of one's general health and avoiding illnesses like colds and flu can help to keep the immune system strong and better prepared to fight off viruses like COVID-19.

Following the now-familiar precautions against the spread of COVID-19 are still important, and will remain so until a vaccine is widely available, Gridley said. “Keep washing your hands, wearing masks and staying away from large gatherings, and keeping high-touch surfaces wiped down to help keep your family safe.

The video, along with all of the previous weeks' videos, is available on FHN's COVID-19 information site, www.fhn.org/coronavirus.