In His Own Words

Shoulder surgery is a weighty issue
At FHN, we help lighten the load

Jeff Lyrenmann

Jeff Lyrenmann is an award-winning competitor and tenacious trainer. The owner of IPF Training in Freeport makes his living helping people maximize their fitness and meet their CrossFit goals. So when he heard a loud 'pop' in his right shoulder in August 2013, he knew it could be a serious injury - one that could impact his livelihood and his passion.

Well-schooled in anatomy and physiology, "Trainer Jeff" conferred with an FHN orthopaedics physician who confirmed his suspicion of a rotator cuff muscle injury. The doctor recommended prompt treatment to help increase Jeff's chances for a complete recovery with full range of motion. Jeff knew several other people who had great shoulder outcomes, and witnessed the results of their successful rehab firsthand at his fitness center. After proceeding with surgery and in the midst of his own rehab, Jeff felt pain in his left shoulder. An MRI exposed the bad news: same injury, other side.

Keeping a positive outlook, Jeff met again with FHN experts and planned "Surgery: Round 2." Now, Jeff's right shoulder is fully functional and he has nearly completed rehabilitating his left shoulder. He expects to be back to normal soon, and is grateful for his excellent care. "All the staff at FHN has been fantastic," emphasizes Jeff. "They know exactly what they need to do, and they do it like true professionals. Their skill and dedication have helped minimize my recovery time. As a Certified Athletic Trainer, it is important I not only know the right moves but properly demonstrate them, using correct form. Now, thanks to FHN, I will be better able to help my clients reach their personal best…and reach my own, as well."

Whether you are an aspiring CrossFit athlete or a wounded weekend warrior, FHN can help you perform to your full potential. Call Orthopaedics at 1-877-6000-FHN (1-877-600-0346) ext. 902.