Giving Options: Endowments, Restricted Funds and Unrestricted Donations

The FHN Foundation has various types of funds to which one may direct a financial gift. The FHN Foundation has both endowments and restricted funds. If you give to an endowment, only a portion of the fund can be utilized each year. When you give to a fund that is not an endowment, the entire fund may be utilized. However, a restricted fund may only be used for the purpose specified. An unrestricted gift provides flexibility as those dollars can be used immediately where they are needed most. Below is a list of funds for which the FHN Foundation is accepting donations.

FHN Foundation Endowments

Bonita Schilling Memorial Endowment – provides healthcare education and training for those associated with FHN Hospice.

Mildred F. Ferguson Scholarship - assists in the education of an Associate’s Degree in Nursing so that recipients may attend nursing school full-time without incurring a financial hardship. The scholarship shall reimburse for tuition, books and fees in addition to hourly compensation.

Staff and Education Endowment – provides tuition, books, and fees for students advancing their education in healthcare fields other than nursing.

Unrestricted Endowment – provides a regular revenue stream that assists FHN in improving health and wellness for the communities we serve.

FHN Foundation Restricted Funds

Cardiology Services – supports FHN’s efforts to provide the best care for patients with heart conditions

Community Emergency Preparedness – Assists FHN in preparing for emergencies and in providing EMS and other training for community members

Emergency Departmentsupports FHN in providing care for patients needing emergency medical treatment

FHN Family Counseling Center – supports FHN’s efforts to provide the be care for patients with behavioral or mental health concerns

FHN Hospice – supports the operation of Hospice programs and services

FHN Leonard C. Ferguson Cancer Center – supports the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer

FHN Memorial Hospital – supports the daily operations of, enhancements to, and maintenance for the hospital so that FHN can provide the best medical care

FHN Specialty and Family Healthcare Center Fund – provides support for FHN’s community based clinics in the region we serve

FHN Women’s and Maternal Health Services – supports FHN’s efforts to provide the best care for female patients

GI Services - supports all facets of FHN’s GI department

ICU - supports FHN’s efforts to provide the best service to patients needing intensive care

Nursing Education – Provides scholarships for the continuing education of nurses

Respiratory Therapy – supports FHN’s efforts to provide the best care for patients with respiratory illnesses

Spiritual and Pastoral Care – supports FHN in providing appropriate spiritual care

Staff Training and Development – Funds all aspects of continuing education and training so that FHN staff members stay abreast of the latest trends and techniques, so that they can help FHN provide the highest quality care to those we serve.

Surgical Care – supports the daily operations of, enhancements to, and maintenance for the Surgical Suites

Transition of Care – Helps patient transition after treatment or hospitalization

FHN Foundation Unrestricted Funds

Highest Need Fund – Gifts to this fund will be used wherever the most current and pressing need for FHN to meet or improve the community’s wellbeing.

Thank you for caring. Your generous gift, large or small, is truly appreciated.