Complex Care Management

Helping You Get the Help You Need

If you are living with two or more chronic conditions, you probably have a pretty full schedule of provider appointments, and a few prescriptions to manage.

It can be quite a bit to handle, even for people in excellent health. It's easy to mix up which medicine is to be taken when or miss an appointment if you don't have reliable transportation. And making medication mistakes, or missing appointments, can make your health conditions worse.

FHN created the Complex Care Management program to help people dealing with multiple chronic illnesses who could benefit from support available from a wide variety of community services.

The Complex Care Management program lasts for three months, during which you'll work with a complex care manager to help you understand your condition better and learn more about the resources available to you.

While you're in the program, your complex care manager will:

  • Help you review your medications and make sure you are familiar with your prescriptions
  • Connect you with community resources that may be able to assist you, including transportation services, home-delivered meals, the Illinois Division of Rehabilitation Services (DORS), the RAMP Center for Independent Living, or any others that may be able to help
  • Help you set goals that are important to you and serve as your health coach to assist you in moving toward those goals
  • Work with your primary healthcare provider and specialty care providers to coordinate your care

Your complex care manager also may:

  • Make an appointment to visit you at home to review how you can be as safe and healthy as possible there
  • If you wish, attend healthcare provider visits with you to help you better navigate your care

Getting Started with Complex Care Management

You may be referred to the Complex Care Management program by your healthcare provider, or you may contact us yourself at 815-599-6124.

Once we're connected, the Complex Care Manager will set up a time for your initial interview process, where you'll go over questions that will help us asses your current situation and determine what we can do to help you.

Your initial interview may take place over the telephone, in your home, or at your healthcare provider's office before or after a scheduled appointment. We advise people to set aside about 45 minutes for this interview.

After that, your complex care manager will contact you at least every week or two. These calls can be set up in advance and may take just 10 – 15 minutes. You can contact your complex care manager, too, if you have questions, concerns, or changes in your health.

After your complex care manager has worked with you for three months, he or she will help you transition back to your healthcare office setting or to other programs within FHN that can provide longer-term support.