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FHN Memorial Hospital First in Area With All Private Patient Rooms


Beginning January 23, all patients at FHN Memorial Hospital will enjoy the benefits of private patient rooms. According to FHN President and CEO Michael Perry, MD, there are multiple benefits to the new arrangement, which is the first of its kind in northwest Illinois or southern Wisconsin. "From a patient perspective, perhaps the biggest benefit is the fact that when you're not feeling well, you have a room to yourself where you can control the television, the visitors, and other potential interruptions and disturbances, even down to being able to choose if the curtains and door are open or closed,” said Perry. He went on to describe additional private-room benefits related to greater protection from hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) and the assurance of complete confidentiality for private provider/patient conversations as well as general patient information.

The transition to this level of privacy was accomplished without capital expenditures through cost-effective redecorating and re-use of the former Skilled Nursing Unit (SNU) area. "We've been able to develop and enhance restful, healing patient rooms throughout the hospital without incurring the additional expense of building additions or remodeling, and we're pleased to have been able to do so to help maximize patient comfort while still controlling costs,” said Perry.