When someone is close to the end of life due to serious, chronic or terminal illness, hospice care can enhance the quality of each remaining day. It gives options to patients who may choose to spend their remaining time with the support of family, friends and compassionate professionals who can provide specialized treatment and ongoing care.

Hospice care emphasizes comfort measures and counseling to provide social, spiritual and physical support to the patient and his or her family. All FHN hospice care is under professional medical supervision. More than 90 percent of hospice care is provided in the patient's home, though other locations can also be considered.

A coordinated healthcare program focusing on the individual needs of patients in their final six months of life, FHN Hospice also enables families to share in the caregiving. A team of trained professionals including physicians, nurses, counselors, chaplains, therapists, aides and volunteers, provides ongoing care and support not only to the patient but the entire family.

FHN Hospice helps patients manage their symptoms. While physical care controls pain and comfort, emotional and spiritual support helps patients and their families experience an enlightened passage.

Medicare, Medicaid and most health insurance providers cover FHN Hospice services.

For more information, please call FHN Hospice at 815-599-7240, toll-free 877-873-3621 or download our hospice brochure.

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