Contest Rules and Scoring

Competition runs Monday, May 30 through Sunday, August 28, but you can log activity up to two weeks after completion. Just make sure your activities are logged by Sunday, September 11.

Participants (must be age 12 and above) from any zip code can support any school system. For example, if family members in Stockton want to have their miles to be designated to the Orangeville school system, they can do so. Physical activity needs to be logged within a 2-week timeframe of its completion. Other than that, the program operates on the honor system.

Each participant will need their own email address to log in and post activities under their account. If you don't have an email address, several companies will provide you one free of charge. Companies such as Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft.

There are two prizes awarded: Average Miles per Participant and Total Miles per School System by Weighted Score. How each school system's score is weighted is described below.

First prize for each category is $2000, second prize is $1000, and third prize is $500! Prize money will be awarded in October.

How Miles Are Calculated

The program normalizes miles based on number of students in a school system to help ensure that all school systems have an equal chance to win, no matter their size. School system size has been determined based on number of students enrolled in fall 2021. Freeport, as the largest school system, is the base. So every mile logged to support the Freeport school system will count as 1 mile. All other school districts receive extra points per mile proportional to the number students relative to Freeport.

Minutes To Miles Mileage Equivalents

These physical activity equivalents were calculated so that participants who enjoy activities that are typically not measured in miles can easily convert that activity into miles. When logging activity, just enter the number of minutes and they will automatically be entered into the competition as miles. For activities not listed, enter your minutes under Activity X (last option). You will get the equivalent of 1 mile for every 30 minutes of activity that is strenuous enough to allow you to talk while doing it, but not sing.

ActivityMiles per
30 minutes
Aerobics 1
Baseball/Softball 2.5
Basketball 2.5
Bicycling, moderate intensity 2.5
Bicycling, vigorous intensity 3.5
Football 2.5
Gardening, digging/planting 1
Gardening, weeding/picking 0.5
Golf, without cart 0.75
Hiking 2.5
Jogging 2.5
Lawn mowing 1
Running 3.5
Soccer 3
Spinning 2
Stairmaster or elliptical trainer 2
Strength training 3
Swimming 3.5
Tennis 3
Volleyball 2.5
Walking, brisk 2
Walking, stroll 1
Walking, typical pace 1.5
Wheeling self in wheelchair 0.75
Yard raking 0.75
Yoga 1
Activity X 1

Sources: Texas A & M University, Penn State University,,

If you have questions about the FHN Miles and Minutes program, contact FHN marketing toll-free at 1-877-6000-FHN (1-877-600-0346) ext. 901.

Thanks for participating, and enjoy a summer of healthy competition!