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FHN Donates Surgical Supplies to African Hospital


When a missionary couple serving in Gamboula, a city in western Central African Republic, asked their church community for supplies for the town's hospital, FHN's Cindy Smith stepped up and asked at work if there was any way to help.

Through FHN supply chain director Bill Coppernoll, Cindy found out that FHN had a number of operating room supply packs left over from a change in suppliers. The packs were large and would require shipping to get to their final destination, but that wasn't a problem.

“A friend at church told me of a need for medical supplies for the mission hospital in Gamboula. They were sending a shipping container full of supplies to the hospital, so this was perfect,” Cindy said. “Our friend from church was so excited, he couldn't believe all the supplies that will be sent!”

The day before Thanksgiving, Cindy and her husband, Jeff, with the help of FHN clerk Gary Ruter, loaded two pickup truckloads of surgical packs for the Gamboula Hospital. The packs will be delivered to a Rockford site where the brother of one of the missionaries is coordinating the packing process. The supplies will soon be on their way to Gamboula.