Anyone Can Have Diabetes - Yes, We're Talking About YOU
                         Nicolette Drane, RD, LDN, CDE, FHN Diabetes Education Program Coordinator

Nearly 10% of the US population has been diagnosed with diabetes - and millions more have not been diagnosed. It's one of the fastest growing health problems in the country with rates nearly doubling the past three decades, largely due to increases in obesity and sugary diets. Some types of diabetes are hereditary, some are situational (like gestational diabetes), and some can be prevented.

Join FHN dietitian and diabetes educator Nicolette Drane to learn if you're at risk, how to help prevent or manage the disease, and pick up a stash of healthy recipes designed to keep diabetes in check.

Diabetes: Are You at Risk? presented by Nicolette Drane

Wednesday, August 17
5:30 p.m.
FHN Family Healthcare Center - Burchard Hills
1010 W. Fairway Drive, Freeport
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