Parent Enrichment Program

The Parent Enrichment Program is designed to assist parents in their role as a child's first and most important teacher and to help promote a strong and healthy parent-child relationship. The program provides child development information and activity ideas brought to the home by a trained professional at the parents' convenience. In addition to the programs listed below, other activities include playgroups and parent workshops. Learn about our Parent Enrichment Program and check out

Car Seat Safety Checks: This program provides safety checks to ensure that child car seats are properly installed.

Behavioral and School Intervention Program: This program works with young children, their parents and their teachers to address behavior problems in preschool through six years old. Children are referred by school staff, healthcare providers and parents.

Cost: Free
Referral Needed? Yes (for Behavioral and School Intervention Program only)
Contact: FHN Family Counseling Center
Phone Number: 815-599-7315