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"On the road again... and what a relief."

Seven years ago, when FHN's Dr. David DiDomenico started performing an innovative technique to help patients with bladder control problems, he was immediately thrilled with the results. "Quite simply, InterStim® therapy dramatically improves people's lives," he says of the procedure he brought to northwest Illinois. And according to two of his patients, that is no exaggerated claim:

Meet Ruth Gassman and Russ Gann, who are both thrilled with the outcomes of their recent InterStim procedures. According to Ruth, "Medication was just not doing the trick for me. My condition was getting progressively worse and I had to think twice before I agreed to leave home. Then I went to Dr. DiDomenico. He was so nice, so kind, and so knowledgeable! His nurses were special, too. They all took me under their wings. I got the "bladder pacemaker"   and now I am doing much better."

Russ concurs. "I took medication for a while, but it didn't help at all. Then I saw Dr. DiDomenico and had the trial procedure... a 'test drive,' so to speak. It allowed me to see if the device would improve my condition. I couldn't believe how quickly it worked – it was almost immediate relief! Instead of having to go to the bathroom every half hour, I had a three-hour break. So I had the permanent device implanted. Now I can go more places and do more things with a lot more confidence. I would recommend this outpatient procedure to anyone with bladder control issues."

Reclaim your control. If you constantly have to stake out where the "next bathroom" is located, call FHN's urology specialists at 1-877-6000 FHN (1-877-600-0346) ext. 942. They can help make "the urge" less urgent — and less frequent — and put you back on the road to freedom.

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