Win a vehicle safety kit
or a Farm & Fleet gift card!
        When you see us, you are seeing commitment to your community on wheels!

With locations all over northwest Illinois, including nine regional Family Healthcare Centers, our van drivers are busy transporting lab specimens, equipment, and materials efficiently and quickly.  We're proud to sport photos of FHN employees from many different departments from purchasing to providers on the vans - we're all a part of your healthcare team!

We're also proud of our safe and extensive driving record, and we'd like to remind you to be sure your vehicle is ready for winter driving by inviting you to guess the average number of miles we drive our three vehicles every year! We'll randomly draw entries to select winners of a vehicle safety kit for each regional Family Healthcare Center as well as three for Freeport (a mileage guess is not required for these entries).  The top three people guessing closest to our actual mileage will receive a $50 (third closest), $100 (second closest) or $200 (closest) gift card to Farm & Fleet for new tires or other winter driving essentials.  Drawings will be held the week of November 26.

                        Drive safely this winter, and give us a wave when you see us!

Rules for entry

- To be entered to win a gift card, guess the average annual mileage of all three FHN messenger vehicles combined.  

- Drawings will be held the week of November 26 and winners notified at that time.

- No mileage guess required to enter for the safety kit.  
For further information go to our FHN website.

Thank you.
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